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Amaranthine Reiki Healing

Custom Candle Magick Offering

Custom Candle Magick Offering

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If you are looking for a boost in a particular area of your life whether it be for Health, Luck, Money Drawing, Love, Banishing or Cleansing, and Road Opening for Opportunities, then a Custom Candle Magick Offering may be for you!
This Custom Candle Magick Offering includes:
  • (1) Custom Chime or Tea Light Candle Spell with Petition that will be Burned on my Personal Altar. 
  • A Petition is your own personal intention statement listing what you want to achieve or desire. Or what you would like to attract, draw in or banish and cleanse. 
    • Please note* That YOU are the Magick and YOU are the Spell and that I am just a guide for the energy to help with aiding in your intentions.
    • You will also be sent recommendations on Healing Crystals, Herbs, and Oil Blends to help aid in your intentions and the magickal process. 
    • As well as a Complementary 3-Card Oracle Reading

    Pictures of the Candle (before and after burn), list of recommendations, and the Oracle Reading will be sent via e-mail.

    And, depending on the intention, there are certain days of the week that work best. In those cases, the Candle Spell could end up being completed earlier, or up to (1) week later depending on the day of the week booked. 

    Also, please kindly note that the e-mail will be sent 1-2 days after the Candle has been burned. Thank you! 

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