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Amaranthine Reiki Healing

75 Minute Full Distance Reiki Session

75 Minute Full Distance Reiki Session

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Each 75 Minute Distance / Remote Session Includes Traditional Usui Reiki with a Combination of One or More of the Following:
  • Sekhem Sekhmet Egyptian Reiki
  • Karuna Ki Reiki
  • Chakra Crystal Healing

Please click to specify which modalities you would like to receive during the session. CLICK HERE for more in depth Reiki Info.

Each Session also includes:

  • a Brief Consultation,
  • a Tarot or Oracle Card Pull,
  • Chakra Balancing and Energy Field Cleansing
  • Focusing on specific Ailment, Situation, or Intention
  • and Details of what came up during the session through an Email Correspondence.
All Offerings are currently Remote / Distance Healing Sessions.
You will receive an email with information after you have booked a session and checked out.
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