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Amaranthine Reiki Healing

45 Minute Karuna Ki + Traditional Usui Reiki Session

45 Minute Karuna Ki + Traditional Usui Reiki Session

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Karuna Ki is a heart centered healing. "Compassionate Heart Reiki" is the term best used to describe it.

  • Chanting, Toning, and Tuning Forks are used with this method of Reiki
  • This Reiki session uses guidance from Ascendant Masters, Angels, Spirits, Guides and Archangels.

Karuna Ki can be used beautifully along with Traditional Usui Reiki during the Session creating a loving and very gentle experience.

Just like with Traditional Usui Reiki, this session is intended for:

  • Helping and Assisting in the support of the body to facilitate an environment for Healing on all levels – Physical, Mental, and Emotional
  • Focusing on specific Ailment, Situation, or Intention
  • Chakra Balancing and Energy Field Cleansing
  • Grounding and Relaxation
  • Improving Mood & Focus
  • Increased Feeling of Well-Being and Security
  • Boosting Self-Love, Confidence, and Strength
  • Promoting Free Flow of Energy to Restore a Sense of Balance
  • Gentle and Compassionate Focused Integration
  • Calling in the guidance of Spirits/Guides/Archangels


All Offerings are currently Remote / Distance Healing Sessions.
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