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Amaranthine Reiki Healing

30 Minute Animal Distance Reiki Session

30 Minute Animal Distance Reiki Session

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Animal Reiki supports the animal’s self-healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It Can also help to maintain well-being, as well as help stressed, sick or injured animals.

This 30 Minute Animal Distance Reiki Session is for and includes:

  • For focusing on overall wellness and well-being
  • Cleansing the Energy Field

Benefits for pets may include:

  • Alleviating anxiety, stress, nervousness and producing a state of calm
  • Increasing energy levels and overall well-being
  • Helping to heal after surgery, injury, or trauma
  • Relieving aches, pains, strains, and allergies
  • Getting pets through depression or bereavement
  • Owners benefit from knowing they are passing along loving-kindness and healing, all of which strengthen the bond between you and your pet.
All Offerings are currently Remote / Distance Healing Sessions.
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